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How to troubleshoot issues when you are trying to connect your Amazon seller account and receive an error

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When linking an Amazon seller account to Perpetua, you're required to establish connections through two distinct channels:

  • AAA (Amazon Advertising API) - provides us with access to advertising data & allows Perpetua to optimize campaigns (ie. launch campaigns, etc.)

  • SP-API (Seller Partner API) - provides us with product data (ie. New ASINs, inventory levels)

How to Troubleshoot: Amazon Advertising Error

Amazon Advertising Error

If you see the screen below, this means the account is in an Amazon Advertising Error state.

Don't panic! In simple terms, this just means that the AAA does not "match" the SP-API account. We can do a few things to troubleshoot this error.

1️⃣ Try Hitting Refresh

The easiest thing to try first is to hit the purple Refresh button and cross your fingers. (It is too bad we can't count on this working often. 😢)

2️⃣ Check if you have activated advertising in Seller Central for the account

If you've never advertised with this seller account or in this country before, you will need to take some manual steps first to turn on advertising.

  • Click View Instructions on the page and follow the flow

  • Then hit Refresh

3️⃣ Ensure that your Amazon account has advertising permissions on the Seller Account that you are connecting

In the first steps to connecting your account, you had to log in with an Amazon account to connect the AAA. This same account needs to have advertising permissions on the seller account that the SP-API is associated with.

If your user account does not have access to the ad console, you have two options:

  • Click on the Connect Different Account button and connect an Amazon account that does have advertising access on the seller account

  • Ask the owner of the seller account to grant you advertising permissions. Instructions can be found here

    🚨Note: You must have "View & Edit" permissions; having only "View" permissions will not work. 🚨

How to Troubleshoot: Connect Selling Partner Error

You will see this message if the connection to the SP-API fails when trying to connect to your Amazon account. The dialogue in grey will say something different depending on what the cause of the error is.

The main error message will follow the Selling Partner ID. Depending on the message, the steps to troubleshoot will vary.

  1. An error occurred while trying to connect to your Selling Partner account with this Selling Partner ID: AXXXXXXXXX. Please try again.

    1. This is an internal server error. Please repeat the account connection process and try again. Try using a different browser to see if this works. If it does not work, then please reach out to us.

  2. This account is already in use. Please try again.

    1. There is an existing account connected to the SP-API already. Please reach out to us to see if there's an existing account connected.

  3. Failed to retrieve refresh token. Please try again.

    1. You are not participating in the marketplace. Please confirm that you are.

    2. A different region was selected in Perpetua than the one you are logging into with your Amazon account.

    3. Try incognito mode or a different browser.

  4. Session has expired. Please try again.

    1. Took too long on the SP-API connection step. Please refresh and try again.

Why am I Getting this Error When Trying to Add a Country to an Existing Account?

You might be getting this error if the country you are trying to add has a different seller/merchant ID.

Example. You are advertising on Amazon in Australia (AU) and Japan (JP). You only have the AU country connected to Perpetua and want to add the JP country. Both of these fall under the Far East region so you should be able to add the JP account easily (following these steps), but you keep getting the Amazon Advertising Error.

If you had set up the AU and JP accounts separately on Amazon and they each have a different seller ID, you will need to create a new Perpetua account. Adding it as a country to an existing account will not work.

In other words, you can only add a country to your account following these instructions if:

  • You have advertised in that country before

  • The country has the same seller ID as the existing account

Article last updated March 2024. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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