Typically, for any poor performing targets within your campaigns, our ad engine will automatically begin to lower bids to the minimum bid required by Amazon in order to stop spending on that target and drive efficiency.

However, with Amazon's recent increase in the minimum bid for Sponsored Brands Video campaigns, we found that simply lowering the bid to this higher minimum could still lead to suboptimal ACoS levels.

Therefore, in order to adapt to this new change in Amazon and ensure your campaigns are optimizing as efficiently as possible, we've released automatic keyword pausing in our ad engine specifically for Sponsored Brands Product Collection and Sponsored Brands video campaigns.

This prevents our ad engine from bidding on poor performing keywords by temporarily pausing keywords if their calculated bid is lower than the minimum bid that Amazon accepts for that product type and region. In most regions, the minimum bid of a product collection campaign and a Sponsored Brands video campaign is $0.10 and $0.25 respectively.

Important things to note:

  • Only PHRASE and BROAD match keywords will be eligible for pausing. We will not automatically pause any EXACT match keywords.

  • Poor performing keywords will only be temporarily paused and will become unpaused if the bid becomes favorable again (if the calculated bid becomes higher than the minimum bid from Amazon).

  • You can increase the Target ACoS on the goal OR apply a bid adjustment on the specific keyword to increase its bid and unpause it.

  • Unlike the keywords that you've manually paused yourself within Perpetua, these automatically-paused keywords will still display as "optimizing" or "Advertised by Perpetua" within your dashboard, but will actually be paused in Seller Central/AMS.

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