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How to increase spend on Instacart Goals

What to do if you're seeing limited or no spend in your Instacart goals.

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If you've launched an Instacart goal, and aren't seeing much spend or impressions in your account, there are a number of different adjustments you can try.

Decrease your Target ROAS

Setting your initial target ROAS too high limits Perpetua's ad engine's ability to experiment and find high performing keywords for your products.

As Target ROAS increases, bids on keywords decrease.

Lowering target ROAS will therefore increase the bids for keywords across your campaigns, increasing the likelihood that you'll achieve clicks and sales for your products. As you start to see more traffic on your goals, you can slowly begin to scale up Target ROAS over time.

Add more Targets

When launching a new Instacart goal, it's always a good idea to add in as many targets as possible. Since Instacart advertising currently only offers exact-match targeting, these targets should include all potential short and long-tailed iterations of the category, competitor, and branded keywords that are most relevant to your brand.

For example, rather than just adding "apple juice", also add "kids apple juice", "healthy juice", or "apple juice low sugar".

To add new targets to your Instacart goal, click the "+" under the "Targets" within your goal:

Instacart will also periodically harvest new keywords on your behalf, however this takes time.

Check Product Distribution

If you've exhausted all of the options above, the issue could have to do with limited distribution and therefore traffic towards your products on Instacart. In order for your brand to serve a Sponsored Product ad, a customer must search for keywords related to your products and also be within close enough proximity to where your products are distributed.

If your product isn't in many stores, then traffic and spend won't be very high. For more information on your product distribution, Instacart recommends reaching out to each individual retailer directly.

Check Product Images

Finally, there could also be an issue with product content displaying incorrectly on Instacart, such as product images missing. To fix this, you'll need to submit a jot form to Instacart directly so that the applicable images can be uploaded.

See article, "Missing or Incorrect Product Images" for more information.

Article last updated January, 2022. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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