Missing or Incorrect Product Images

What to do when product images are missing or outdated on Instacart.

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Product images are provided to Instacart from each retailer directly. This means there is a risk of them being inconsistent, out of date, or missing altogether (at some or all retailers) on the Instacart platform.

If you are working with a CSP (Content Service Provider) please reach out to them directly to resolve image discrepancies.

For advertisers who don't work with a CSP, Instacart has recently launched an in-house Library tool which allows advertisers the ability to edit product images and attributes. Using this tool, you can also claim products that are mis-mapped on Instacart's platform.

To access Instacart's Library tool, select "Library" > "Products" from the left side bar within Instacart's ad console:

After submitting updates, content will be reviewed to ensure it meets all stated guidelines. You will be informed of the status of your updates throughout the approval process.

For more information on Instacart's Library tool, check out their blog post here!

How to Check if a Product Image is Missing

To check if images are missing, you'll need to login to your Instacart advertising console directly.

1) Click on the applicable campaign:

2) Click into the "ad group" (there will only be one ad group per Perpetua campaign).

3) Click on the "Products" tab to view all UPCs in your campaign.

If an image is missing on the Instacart ads platform, you may see one of two messages:

  • "Unavailable Image" indicates that there is no customer-facing image however your ad is still running. Please reach out to your Instacart rep for support.

  • "Active" indicates that there is an image on the consumer-facing side however it has not been uploaded to the platform backend. In this case, there is no need to submit a jot form as an image is live on the customer end.

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