In exploring your Perpetua dashboard, you'll notice that it doesn't contain data from today and the day before. This is totally normal, and no reason to panic.

Our platform won't show data from Amazon for the last two days because there's a delay in pulling the data from Amazon's API. This is also why data from today and yesterday is shown in the graph in your dashboard as a shaded line, rather than a solid line. The line will solidify only once the data has been pulled and the numbers are accurate.

For example, take a look at this graph of aggregate performance for an account.

Today's date is November 13th, and you can see that the data for November 12th and 13th is not finalized, as shown by the shaded line. The data before November 12th is accurate and finalized, as you can see by the solid line used to display the data. Once the data has been pulled from Amazon's API, the shaded line will become solid.

Therefore, the most current data you'll see on your Perpetua dashboard will always be from two days ago. If you'd like to see data from today or the day before, you can always access this through your Seller Central/AMS.

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