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Perpetua’s DSP Creative Naming Convention
Perpetua’s DSP Creative Naming Convention

How to navigate Creative Reporting in Perpetua and understand our naming convention

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If you are advertising on the Amazon DSP with Perpetua, you will now have access to our real-time in app reporting. This includes a time-series graph displaying aggregated reporting metrics similar to our sponsored ad tabs, as well as granular reporting on individual line items and creatives. To read more about our line item naming convention, see this help center article

Creative Naming Convention:

Product Name/ Ad Copy

The name of the product being advertised – and the copy being displayed in the ad. This is helpful for quick identification of the product, as well as differentiating unique creatives for the same product with different ad copy.

 A single product name will have many creatives that vary in size and inventory; in most cases each line item will be attached to all corresponding creatives.


The Amazon Standard Identification Number is used by Amazon to identify every unique product in their marketplace. This is included in creative naming to easily locate the product listing page on Amazon.


This will be one of four types listed below that denote the device format for Amazon-built Dynamic eCommerce creatives, or indicate custom content.  

  • D: Desktop

  • M: Mobile 

  • A: Mobile App

  • CM: Custom creatives are provided by the brand/seller


The size (in pixels) of the creative. The 13 standard sizes for Dynamic eCommerce creatives include 7 for desktop, 3 for mobile, and 3 for mobile apps:

  • D-300x250

  • D-160x600

  • D-300x600

  • D-728x90

  • D-970x250

  • D-980x55

  • D-320x50

  • M-300x250

  • M-320x250

  • M-414x125

  • A-300X250

  • A-320X50

  • A-728X90

Additional Info

This is where we will include any additional useful information, the majority of the time it is used to indicate a custom creative provided by the brand.

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