There are two main ways of bidding for Featured Product ads:

  1. Keyword Bidding
  2. Non-Search Bidding

Keyword Bidding

When a customer searches for a product or item on the Instacart platform, ads appear both before and throughout organic listings on the search results page. These ads appear by brands bidding on specific keywords

In the image below, searching for the keyword "milk" prompted the following 3 Featured ads to appear at the top of the search results page.

Instacart currently does not support broad, phrase, or negative matching. Ads are currently only served for exact-match keywords. Instacart also does not support pausing or archiving keywords once they have been added to a campaign. Once a keyword has been added, you can minimize spend by setting the bid to the Instacart minimum of $0.15, which we have found typically will stop spending.

Adding Keywords

Manual: When creating your Instacart Goals, we recommend adding as many short and long-tail keywords as possible, right off the bat. This will help your campaigns gain traction quicker and aid Perpetua's ad engine in gathering data to optimize performance.

Automatic: In addition to the keywords that are added to your goals manually, Instacart will periodically harvest new keywords deemed relevant to your products and brand. These new keywords will be automatically optimized by Perpetua's ad engine as they added.

Bid Price versus CPC

Similar to Amazon, Instacart works on a 2nd-price auction system. This means that when you "win" a keyword auction, the CPC you pay will be $0.01 higher than the next highest bid.

Non-Search Bidding

In addition to Featured Product ads being served on the search results page, you will also occasionally see Featured ads in various "browse" locations across the platform. These Non-Search placements include:

  1. General Departments / Aisles (ex. "Milk" or "Meat")
  2. Item Details page - ads will appear under related products
  3. "Your Items" section - includes a tailored list of products previously purchased by a customer
  4. Home page - when you first login to Instacart

Find more information on Instacart Ad Inventory here.

There is currently no way to target specific non-search placements on Instacart. Non-search spend is determined by one bid which applies to each overall campaign. This bid is adjusted and optimized by Perpetua's ad engine automatically.

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