At Perpetua, all advertising campaigns are organized into "goals". To launch a goal for your Instacart campaigns, start by navigating to your Instacart account on Perpetua. This can be found under Marketplaces for your account.

Once you’re in your Instacart account, click onto Featured Products under Goals on the side bar.

How to launch an Instacart goal

After navigating to your Featured Products page for Instacart, ensure you are on the 'Goals' tab and select the purple button labeled 'New Goal'.

Click here to learn best practices for grouping your UPCs, choosing a targeting type, and setting your Budget and Target ROAS.

Creating a New Goal will bring you to a new page where you can add all the relevant UPCs to your goal. To add UPCs, simply click Add UPCs and paste all UPCs in the pop-up window, separating each entry by either a new line or a comma. Once you are finished, click 'Done'.

Next, select your goal Targeting Type. You will have a choice between Universal Targeting, Brand-based Targeting, and Advanced Targeting.

  1. Universal Targeting will set one target ROAS and budget for all keywords.
  2. Brand-based allows you to adjust your target ROAS and daily budget between Branded and Unbranded terms.
  3. Advanced Targeting allows you to set a unique ROAS and daily budget for Branded, Category, and Competitor segments.

After selecting a Targeting Type, enter in a Goal Name, add your Target ROAS and Daily Budget, then click 'Launch Goal' to make your campaigns live.

Note: ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) is a metric that displays your return in attributed sales over your funds spent on advertising. This is the inverse of ACoS (1/ACOS) which is calculated by taking your ad spend divided by your attributed sales

After you launch your goal

During the first few days after launching your Instacart goals, you may not seeing any data or activity in your account right away. This is completely normal as it typically takes Perpetua around 48 hours to receive data from Instacart.

If you have existing campaigns running on Instacart, be sure to pause these 48 hours after you launch your goals in Perpetua.

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