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Prism - Sales opportunity - Niches
Prism - Sales opportunity - Niches
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Prism - Sales Opportunity - Niches - is only available for accounts advertising in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Please reach our Data Strategist if you would like to discuss this further.

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Perpetua introduces a powerful new feature - "Niches" - designed to revolutionize the way Amazon advertisers approach market analysis and competitor tracking. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into what Niches are, who can benefit from them, why they're essential, how they work, and the associated pricing structure.

What are Niches?

Niches are dynamic groupings of competing ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) created through the identification of search term overlap. This innovative feature enables advertisers to establish unique niches for their top-selling proprietary ASINs, facilitating a deeper understanding of market dynamics and potential revenue.

The Niche Generation Process




The first proprietary ASIN we used to generate the Niche


The proprietary ASINs that had a high keyword overlap with the seedASIN, so we included them in the Niche


All non-proprietary ASINs

  1. We gather a list of all the proprietary ASINs for a specific GeoCompany. These ASINs must have estimated sales data in Prism, were found in recent search engine results pages (SERP) we have within the past 4 weeks, and high confidence ASINs.

  2. Then we sort the qualified ASIN based on their estimated sales in the last 4 weeks, from highest to lowest.

  3. Starting with the best-selling ASIN in the GeoCompany, we retrieve all of the search terms they appear for from all keywords we scrape, pick the top 50 search terms with the highest Search Frequency Rank and the seedASIN is ranked up to 25th position. (Last 4 weeks)

  4. Next, for each of the keywords for which the seed ASIN appears, we retrieve the top organic 48 ASINs (first page) for each of these keywords.

  5. We organise the list of ASINs based on how frequently they appear for the seed ASIN's keywords (Keyword overlap).

    1. (# of times nonSeedASIN appeared on any of the 50 keywords/Total # of keywords)*100


    2. # of keywords nonSeedASIN appeared on out of the 50 keywords.

  6. To create a Niche, we select the top twenty ASINs that have keyword overlap with the seed ASIN. If there are proprietary ASINs among the top 20 competitors, we include them in the Niche, but ensure that there are always 20 competitive products in total.

  7. Once the Niche is created, we remove the seed ASIN and any other proprietary ASINs we included in the Niche from the list step (2). We repeat the process until no more ASINs are left under this GeoCompany.

The Importance of Niches and Their Benefits

Niches cater specifically to Amazon Campaign Managers focused on winning and growing market share for existing products. By providing insights into search competitors and potential revenue opportunities, Niches empower advertisers to optimize their advertising goals, ultimately driving revenue growth

Perpetua's feature, "Niches," emerges as a pivotal tool for advertisers, redefining the way market analysis is conducted and competitors are tracked. In this section, we'll explore the myriad benefits Niches bring to the table, empowering Amazon Campaign Managers and advertisers to navigate the complexities of the marketplace with precision and confidence.


1️⃣Simplified Decision-Making:

  • Niches streamline the decision-making process for Ad Campaign Managers by providing a clear roadmap on where to focus resources. This simplification is crucial for those aiming to increase their market share and revenue efficiently.

2️⃣ Identifying Competing ASINs:

  • One of the primary benefits of Niches is the rapid identification of competing ASINs. Advertisers can swiftly recognize products that share search terms with their own proprietary ASINs, gaining valuable insights into their competitive landscape.

3️⃣ Understanding Competitor Outranking:

  • With Niches, advertisers can gain a comprehensive understanding of where competitors are outranking their products. This knowledge empowers strategic decision-making, allowing advertisers to refine their approaches and enhance product visibility.

4️⃣ Quantifying Revenue Potential:

  • Niches provide a unique opportunity to quantify the revenue potential for each market opportunity. Advertisers can estimate the financial prospects associated with specific search terms, enabling informed investment decisions.

5️⃣ Efficient Scaling:

  • Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of Niches is the ability to achieve all the above at scale. Advertisers can efficiently apply insights across a range of products and markets, scaling their efforts without compromising precision.

Metrics Overview



My Estimated Sales

The sum of the estimated sales of any proprietary ASINs in the Niche (seedASIN + OwnASIN)

Niche Sales

The sum of the estimated sales of all ASINs in the Niche (seedASIN + OwnASIN + CompASIN)

My Niche Share

The division of "My Estimated Sales" over "Niche Sales," multiplied by 100 (%)

Potential Revenue

The difference in estimated sales between the top-selling competitor and your highest-selling proprietary ASINs in the Niche.

🚨Note 🚨
If your highest-selling proprietary ASIN in the Niche surpasses the estimated sales of the top-selling competitor, we will show "$0" or "Low" as potential revenue.

Search Terms without Goals

The sum of all search terms in the Niche not included in any active goals

Outranked Search Terms

The sum of all search terms where competitive ASINs inside the Niche ranked organically higher than any of your ASINs inside the Niche

Search Terms

The total count of search terms where your ASINs or the competitor ASIN appear. (Union of all search terms all ASINs in the Niche appear for)

My Total Niche Share

(Sum of My Estimated Sales of all Niches) / (Total Niche Sales of all Niches) * 100

Total Potential Revenue

The sum of potential revenue in all the Niches created

Total Outranked Search Terms

The total count of search terms where competitor ASIN ranked higher than the seedASIN or OwnASIN in all the Niches created

Search Term Overlap

The search terms in the Niche are all the search terms the ASINs in the Niche are ranking for combined. The percentage means that the specific ASIN is ranking Xxx% of the search terms in the Niche.

Total Products Ranking

The total count of ASINs in the Niche ranking for a specific search term

Factors to Consider

  • Unable to Track Performance Over Time: Currently, the tool doesn't track the performance of the Niche over time.

  • Unable to Suggest New Products: The tool doesn't suggest new products to be added to the Niche.

FAQ’s ❓

  • Does each Niche have a single proprietary ASIN?

    • At least one proprietary ASIN is required in the niche, but it can contain multiple proprietary ASINs.

  • How does Perpetua name the Niche? Can I change it?

    • The Niche is named after the search term with the highest SFR score that your proprietary ASIN in the Niche ranks for.

  • How long does it take on average to generate the Niches for new clients?

    • Depending on how many ASINs we are generating Niches for, it should take between 15 minutes and 4 hours to generate the Niche

  • What could be the reason one of my key competitors is not in the Niche? The Niche is created based on the products your ASIN(s) share the search word with

  • Can I add or remove ASIN from the Niche? Yes. Please find out more about it here.

Article last updated March 2024. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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