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Downloading a Course Certificate from the Ad School
Downloading a Course Certificate from the Ad School

How to access and download your certificates after completing a course in the Perpetua Ad School.

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If you've finished a course in the Perpetua Ad School, you might be wondering how to access your completion certificate. This article will show you the two ways you can do so.

🚨Note: We are currently only offering a completion certificate for the "Amazon Advertising with Perpetua" course.

Method #1 - Course Player

Once you've completed the course, you can download your certificate in the course player directly by clicking on the "Get Your Certificate" button. This will open it in a new tab. The certificate will have buttons at the bottom to share directly on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also copy a direct link to it or download as a PDF for your records.

*If you don't see the "Get Your Certificate" button, make sure all the lessons have a checkmark icon beside them signifying they are complete*

Method #2 - Account Settings

Step 1:

After logging into your account, click your profile name in the upper right-hand corner. In the dropdown menu that appears, click "My Account" to enter your account settings.

Step 2:

On the following screen, click on "Certificates" in the menu at the top left.

Step 3:

The "My Certificates" page will show you all the certificates you've achieved after completing a course. Click the "view" link to open the certificate in a new tab. From there, you can share or download it as we explained in method #1.

Article last updated September 2023. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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