What is a Listing Score on Walmart

What is a Walmart Listing Score, how does it work, and why is this important to me?

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Many advertisers find themselves struggling to grow their organic rank on Walmart.com and often turn to advertising as the root cause. However, on Walmart.com your products' unsatisfactory content such as poorly constructed PDP, images, long shipping times, etc are often the main cause of a low organic ranking.

We recommend always checking your listing scores before advertising your products. To access your listing scores, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Seller/ Supplier Account

  2. Click the "Growth Opportunities Dashboard"

  3. View listing scores

What is a Listing Score?

Using an advanced algorithm, every individual Listing Quality Score is tailored by what matters most for the customer in that item’s specific category. Different categories may have differently weighed factors.

That being said, if you have a low listing score, this likely means that your product's content on Walmart.com is not relevant or does not meet Walmart's Style Guides.

Note: A Walmart style guide covers the unique content standards for each Walmart.com category and product type.

What Factors Go into a Listing Score?

There a number of factors that can go into your listing score such as:

  • Product images

  • Product description

  • Product title

  • Secondary Images

  • Reviews

  • Shipping/Fulfilment

Please refer to this blog to learn more about listing optimization factors.

Why is my Listing Score so Important?

1. Grow Organic Rank

  • Optimizing your listings on Walmart.com can drastically improve your organic rank and even allow you to meet the 128 organic rank requirement for strategic keywords

2. Turn Impressions into Conversions

  • A well optimized PDP and content can convince potential customers into actually clicking into your product detail page and potentially leading them to checking out on your product.

3. Minimize Returns and grow repeat customer

  • If customers are satisfied with the purchase in relation to what was promised on the PDP, there is a less likelihood of return and increase in repeat customers who are confident in your product and brand.

If you would like to learn more about your listing score or how to optimize your listing score, please reach out directly via hello@perpetua.io or through our intercom chat! 😃

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