How To Increase Spend and Scale Up Your Ads

How to ramp up spend and get more sales

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There are two ways to increase spend in Perpetua

  1. Increase your Target ACoS

  2. Use bid adjustments

Method 1️⃣ - Increase your Target ACoS

The easiest and most efficient way to spend more and scale up your ads is to increase your Target ACoS.

You may be saying to yourself: "But I only want to increase my spend, not my ACoS".

However, just because you increase your Target ACoS, doesn't necessarily mean your ACoS will increase!

How you should be looking at Target ACoS:

When increasing Target ACoS, you should see it as a metric that's proportional to spend - not necessarily a long term desired ACoS value.

To execute this method, increase your Target ACoS to get spend levels and sales volume to where you want it to be. Once you're there, you can slowly lower you Target ACoS to drive at efficiency.

Remember that when you increase your Target ACoS, the ad engine simply increases the bids, emphasizing terms which are already performing well. Perpetua makes the decision on which terms to increase bids on and by how much, employing an efficient and data-driven way to increase spend.

When your Target ACoS is higher than your realized ACoS, the ad engine also has room to explore, experiment and harvest new targets, which can help you scale.

Therefore when you start lowering you Target ACoS to drive at efficiency, the ad engine has much more data to work with (a larger list of converting targets) than before you increased it.

Give the ad engine some time to play around and optimize at the higher Target ACoS, before slowly bringing it back down. You want to ensure you actually get more conversion data before aiming for efficiency.

Method 2️⃣ - Apply Bid Adjustments

The other way to increase spend is to manually select which targets to increase bids on by running short term bid adjustments. If those targets perform well and drive more sales, the ad engine will automatically keep the higher bid after the bid adjustment is over.

This method can be done in conjunction with Method 1 as well, where you increase your Target ACoS but also do bid adjustments to encourage the ad engine to experiment with specific terms in particular.

The downside with this method is that you have to choose manually which targets to experiment with and by what amount to increase the bids. Since you're likely not using granular performance data to make this decision, there is a risk the bid adjustment might be inefficient.

🚨Note: If the goal has existing targets that are performing well, going overboard on the bid adjustments can hinder their performance. We recommend doing a maximum of 3-5 bid adjustments in a single goal at once to prevent this. 🚨

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