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Everything you need to know about Amazon Handmade with Perpetua

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What is Amazon Handmade?

Amazon Handmade is part of the marketplace specifically devoted to Artisan's handmade and crafted items. Artisans are able to sell their handcrafted goods on Amazon, allowing them to gain larger exposure and revenue from customers all over the world. Similar to the main Amazon marketplace, Amazon handmade reviews are a huge value signal, driving credibility to sellers.

Does Perpetua Work for Amazon Handmade?


As long as you are an approved and registered Amazon Handmade Seller on your Seller Central account, you will be able to connect your Seller Central account to Perpetua.

Launching SP, SB, and SD goals work the same way as it would for an Amazon Seller or Vendor account that connects to Perpetua.

How Do I Get Started?

As Amazon Handmade is already integrated into Amazon's platform, and not a separate entity, there are NO additional steps, fees or requests needed to set up an Amazon Handmade Perpetua account if you already have a Perpetua account. There could be additional fees if this increases your ad spend.

Please see attached articles on how to set up your account:

Article last updated September 2023. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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