Average Daily Budgets for Instacart Goals

What does "Average Daily Budgets" mean for Instacart goals?

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As of October 11, 2021, budgeting for all Instacart goals will transition from "Daily Budgets" to "Average Daily Budgets" in Perpetua.

How do Average Daily Budgets work?

Actual daily spend may fluctuate up to 2x average budget, but will average out over each calendar month (avg daily budget * avg days in one calendar month).

Why is this change happening?

Prior to October, 2021, Perpetua supported optimization for Instacart's Paced Spend campaigns. This budget type is no longer available and now replaced with an improved budgeting structure called 'Daily Budgets'.

Daily Budgets were implemented to better accommodate natural fluctuations in traffic day-to-day on Instacart. While some days may have much higher traffic and spend on Instacart, (up to a maximum of 2x daily budget) there will also be days with lower traffic.

Daily budgets allow advertisers to better capitalize on peak traffic periods on Instacart, while continue to honour an average monthly budget pacing.

Note: Perpetua always recommends adding more than enough budget to stay live throughout the day. If you are consistently running out of budget within campaigns, we recommend increasing your Average Daily Budget. If this is not an option, increase Target ROAS to lower bids.

What happens if I change my budget mid month?

Daily budgets WILL take into account changes made in the middle of the calendar month. Monthly spend will average out based on the day budgets are changed mid-month and how many days are remaining in the calendar month.

For example, let's say on October 1st you've set an average daily budget of $20 in your Instacart goal. On October 17th, you decrease this budget to $10 / day.

In this case, maximum monthly spend for October = ($20 * 16) + ($10 * 15) = $470

Article last updated October 11, 2021. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact hello@perpetua.io.

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