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Where can I check my Walmart Inventory?
Where can I check my Walmart Inventory?

I can't see my Walmart inventory on Perpetua, where am I able to find my up to date Walmart inventory?

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This guide will take you through:

Unlike our Amazon marketplace, our Walmart marketplace does not currently support real time inventory reporting. However, not to worry, you are still able to access your Walmart inventory through other sources!

Inventory Through Seller Central

First, you'll want to log into your Seller/Supplier Center account. If you're already logged in on the Walmart Sponsored Products ad console, you can simply click on the "Seller Center" tab to access the portal as well.

Once you log into your Seller Central Account, select "Items and Inventory" on the left hand side of the screen. You are also able to see the your inventory numbers on the main screen as well.

Inventory Through Walmart Advertising (Item Health)

Log into your Walmart Advertising Account. Ensure that you are logging into your Perpetua API account, you should see it once you click on the toggle down of the accounts:

After this, click on the "Reports Tab" and select "Item Health"

The Item Health Report should appear like this:

Note: This report only shows enabled items that have been live for at least 3 days.

Item Health report columns and their definitions

  • Item Type: Whether an item is base or variant

  • Item Status: Whether an item is published or unpublished

  • Product Detail Page Views: Number of times the product detail page for this item was visited today or in last 7 days

  • Item Availability: Percentage of time the item was in stock today or in last 7 days

  • Win Rate: Percentage of time the item won the Buy Box today or in last 7 days

Item Health Recommendations (By Walmart)

This information was pulled directly from Walmart's Help Center

Please note:

An item will not be promoted if it is out of stock or no longer available on However, there is a small chance an item might be still promoted shortly after it goes out of stock.

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