There are 2 reasons as to why you may be seeing a discrepancy between the attributed sales reported in your Perpetua dashboard vs. what you're seeing in your Walmart ad console:

The 2 Day Delay

In exploring your Perpetua dashboard, you'll notice that it doesn't contain data from today and the day before. Our platform won't show data from Walmart for the last two days because there's a delay in pulling the data from Walmart's API. This is also why data from today and yesterday is shown in the graph in your dashboard as a dotted line, rather than a solid line. The line will solidify only once the data has been pulled and the numbers are accurate.

Therefore, the most current data you'll see on your Perpetua dashboard will always be from two days ago. If you'd like to see data from today or the day before, you can always access this through your Walmart Sponsored Products ad console.

Data Fluctuation

Walmart also uses an attribution window for attributed sales. This means that when a customer clicks on one of your advertisements, they may not immediately make a purchase. They may do this over the next few days, and if they end up purchasing a product within the attribution window, that sale will be attributed to that click.

Walmart's attribution window is 30 days. So when a sale doesn't roll in right away in Walmart's ad console, it can take some time to get pulled into our app. If you'd like to see more real-time sales data, we suggest looking at this via your Walmart Sponsored Products ad console.

Article last updated September 22, 2021. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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