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Perpetua Referral Program

Participate in Perpetua's Referral Program and earn an Amazon gift card valued up to $1000 by referring a new user who will receive 50% off

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The Perpetua Referral program allows members to receive up to a $1000 Amazon gift card if they refer another seller or vendor to join Perpetua. The referred customer will also receive 50% off their Perpetua fees for their first two months. 💸

How do I refer another Seller or Vendor?

To refer another seller or vendor and receive rewards for both parties, go to your Perpetua dashboard and click on your user icon at the top right-hand corner > then click on "Get $1000".

Then, share either the referral link or the referral code with the user you'd like to refer!

The referral link = Referred customer must use this specific link to sign up and create their Perpetua account(s).

The referral code = Referred customer must enter the code during the regular sign-up flow.

How long will it take to receive my Amazon gift card?

It typically takes around 6-8 weeks until you receive the card. You will receive the gift card via email (the email that is attached to your current Perpetua user account).

To read about our Referral Program's Terms and Conditions, click here.

Article last updated September 2023. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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