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Brand Referral Bonus Program
Brand Referral Bonus Program

Steps to enroll your Google Ads in the Brand Referral Bonus Program and Earn Amazon credits on Google Ads launched in Perpetua

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This article will walk you through Amazon's Brand Referral Bonus Program and how you can begin earning credits for your non-Amazon marketing efforts such as Google + Bing Ads.

About Amazon's Brand Referral Bonus Program

What is the Brand Referral Bonus Program?

The program allows sellers to earn bonuses from traffic driven to Amazon as a reward for their non-Amazon marketing efforts. The bonus will be applied as a credit to the seller's account and is calculated as a percentage of qualifying sales. On average, sellers can earn a 10% bonus (exact rates are based on product categories).

For more information on how bonuses are calculated and paid out, please refer to Amazon's Brand Referral Bonus Article.

Who is eligible for the Brand Referral Bonus Program?

The program is currently open to U.S. sellers with brand registry.

How do I sign up?

  1. Create tags for your promoted products using Amazon Attribution. All traffic must have an Amazon Attribution tag in order to qualify for the bonus (Note: If your Google Ads were launched in Perpetua, you do not have to do this step).

  2. Launch your advertising campaigns.

Article last updated April 2023. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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