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Target Advertising FAQs
Target Advertising FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions related to metrics and running Target ads through Perpetua

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Why does my target list sum to less than my total metrics at top?

There are three placements where ads can appear on This includes Search (driven by keyword bidding) as well as Category pages, and Product Detail Pages for related items.

The sum of your Targets list only includes spend for Search placements. The remaining amount is allocated to browse placements: Category and Product Detail Pages (PDP).

There is currently no way to turn off placements for Category and PDP as the bid price set for each product applies to all three placements.

What is the attribution period for Target Ads?

At Perpetua, we use a 30 day post-click attribution window.

What is Target's Product Quality score and why is it important?

Target's Product Quality score assesses the health of your product detail pages on Target. This is very important as it can impact the conversion rate of your Target ads.

Please see Target Product Quality Score for further details.

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