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Target Product Quality Score
Target Product Quality Score

What Target's product quality score means and why it's important

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For each product sold on, there is an associated Quality Score determined by Target.

To find out your brand's product quality scores, go to

What determines a high product quality score?

There are 8 key elements to a high quality score for product detail pages (PDP) on

PDP Element

Content Best Practice

# of Feature Bullets

4 - 8 bullets


3 images or more

Long Copy

At least 50 words

Product Questions (Q&A section)

All product questions answered as soon as possible through the BazaarVoice Connections portal


Include one or more videos

Label Info

Complete label information including active ingredients and chemical products


At least 8 reviews or more. At Perpetua, we recommend looking at the number of reviews for competitor items to gauge quality relative to similar products. For more information, go to

Rich Media

1 asset or more - includes display comparison charts, interactive product tours, step-by-step instructions (where applicable) and more.

Learn more at

Why is product quality score important?

Product quality score can greatly impact the conversion rate for your Sponsored Product ads on Poor quality score means customers are less likely to purchase your item after clicking on an ad to view your product detail page.

Improving quality score will allow your brand to increase advertising efficiency and achieve incremental sales.

Please reach out to your Target rep for more information.

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