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What is ACOR?

What is Advertising Cost of Royalties and why does it matter?

Written by Claire Lee
Updated over a week ago

What is ACOR and why does it matter?

At Perpetua, we acknowledge the unique challenge for KDP authors who have a large part of revenue coming from royalties to understand the impact and effectiveness of their advertising efforts.

For this reason, we've introduced the ACOR metric.

ACOR (Advertising Cost of Royalties) = The percent of Royalties spent on advertising. (Spend/KENP Royalties).

Specifically catered for KDP authors/publishers enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, this metric allows you to easily measure how much you're actually spending for these royalties and provides a more complete picture of your advertising efforts.

Where can I view the ACOR metric on my dashboard?

There are a few places where you can view the ACOR metric:

  • You'll be able to graph the ACOR metric on your Account Overview tab, Sponsored Products tab or goal deep dives, and Search Rank tab.

  • You can add the metric as a column within your reporting tables for your Sponsored Products goals list, Targets list, and Search Term list.

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