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Keywords vs. Search Terms

Explaining the difference between Amazon keywords and search terms

Written by Claire Lee
Updated over a week ago

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A commonly confused component of Amazon advertising is the difference between keywords and search terms. Both keywords and search terms are important to the success of your ads and are explained below.


Used to target your ads to potential customers - these are what you bid on in your campaigns.

  • You may select the keywords you’d like to target using manual targeting or let Amazon select the keywords using automatic targeting.

  • Keywords are a kind of "target" along with product targets.

  • There are different types of keyword match types: exact, phrase, and broad.

  • Keywords are matched to a customer's search term.

Search Terms

What the customer enters into the Amazon search bar when looking for a product.

  • Keywords can be harvested from popular search terms that are relevant to your product/ad.

In summary, keywords are utilized by advertisers (like yourself) to ensure that their products are displayed for relevant search terms. Search terms are generated by customers seeking products and are inputted in the Amazon search bar.

Article last updated February 2024. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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