For more established advertisers, Instacart offers access to Hero Banners. There is currently no self-serve option for this ad unit.

Minimum requirements for access to Managed Ad Units are as follows:

  • 80% of UPCs sold on Instacart currently advertised through Sponsored Product (SP)

  • Minimum investment rate of 7.5%, meaning 7.5% of total sales is reinvested into SP advertising

  • Pre-qualified for advanced reporting which requires minimum spend of $15,000 per calendar quarter

  • All FP "Default" bids are set to maximum suggested bid price (please ask your Data Strategist if you meet this requirement)

If you meet these requirements and/or would like more information, reach out to your Instacart rep who will be the best point of contact to provide further details.

How Hero Banner ads appear on Instacart

Banner ads appear in an aisle or department at the top of the page based on a fixed cost per week.

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