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Virtual Bundles

Everything you need to know about Virtual Bundles

Written by Claire Lee
Updated over a week ago

What are Virtual Bundles?

The Amazon Virtual Product Bundles tool for FBA allows brand owners to create bundles made up of ASINs which are purchased together from a single product detail page.

These bundles can be made up of two to five complementary ASINs and can be offered without packaging items together or changing FBA inbound inventory. This gives sellers the flexibility to create and break up bundles as they please based on performance.

As an example, let's say your brand was selling a yoga ball as well as a yoga mat as two separate ASINs. By using the Virtual Product Bundles tool, you'd be able to bundle these two ASINs together as a package deal and create a new, separate ASIN for this specific bundle. Now, if a customer clicks on your bundle ASIN and purchases it, Amazon will ship both of those products from your inventory.

Why should you use Virtual Bundles?

Here are some advantages of using Virtual Bundles:

  • No need to pre-bundle - allows you to experiment with different combinations of products in your catalog without needing to send pre-packaged inventory to fulfillment centers.

  • Freedom in editing bundles - have the freedom and flexibility to edit and break up bundles as needed based on performance and strategy.

  • Increase awareness of other products in your catalog - sellers don't currently have control over the "frequently bought together" box. With Virtual Bundles, the main product in the bundle will get a custom widget just above the "frequently bought together" section on its product detail page, that promotes the bundle automatically.

    For example, if you sell a yoga ball (main product) and decide to create a bundle that includes both your yoga ball and a yoga mat from your catalog, customers who land on your yoga ball product detail page will have the option to "make it a bundle" with the yoga mat that you've included in your bundle. Regardless of whether or not the customer decides to only purchase the individual yoga ball or purchase the bundle you've created, you are still increasing the awareness and visibility of your yoga mat ASIN.

What ad units can advertise Virtual Bundles?

Currently, you can add and advertise virtual bundle ASINs on both Sponsored Brand Product Collection and Sponsored Brands Video goals.

You cannot advertise these ASINs on Sponsored Products or Sponsored Display goals.

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