Amazon now allows edits on Sponsored Brand creatives directly in Seller Central/Advertising Console. Although we are eager to support this for our customers in Perpetua, this capability has not yet been make available via the API.

What happens if you edit the creative in Seller Central/Advertising Console?

Editing the creative will not have any major adverse side effects to the Perpetua system however, a few things to note. 

  1. You will still see the old creative in the creative preview from within Perpetua

  2. If there are any dramatic changes in ad dynamics due to the creative change (e.g. new creative has a lower CTR) then it will take a while for the ad engine to adapt since we will still be taking into account performance metrics that applied to the old creative.

In other word the ad engine doesn't know or take into account the change in creative. It will of course, adapt in a time-weighted manner as it would in response to any other external changes that impact performance. 

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