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After launching a Keyword Boost, why have my bids gone down?
After launching a Keyword Boost, why have my bids gone down?

Understand what happens to your bids in Amazon after launching a Keyword Boost

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Our AI engine computes the exact bid it believes will yield the best performance. When running a keyword boost campaign with a top of search multiplier, bids will be scaled down to account for the placement multiplier.

This means that the higher you set your placement multiplier, the higher you should increase your ACOS target to account for this.

Illustrative Example:

Universal Goal - no keyword boost

Now we will move the keyword apple from the Universal goal into a keyword boost with the different Top of Search multipliers. As we are keeping the ACOS target the same, Perpetua's ad engine will decrease the Effective bid to keep the Top of Search Bid at $1.00

Keyword Boost - 50% Top of Search Multiplier

Keyword Boost - 100% Top of Search Multiplier

Keyword Boost - 200% Top of Search Multiplier

As shown in this example, increasing the Top of Search multiplier without increasing the ACOS target will direct traffic towards your Top of Search placement and away from other placements.

Note: The above data is for illustrative purposes only. Bids will change slightly when you move a keyword into a keyword boost, regardless of keeping identical ACOS targets.

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