A red dot on a product means that Perpetua has detected an error status in the underlying Amazon ad. Red means that your ad is not running. Read on for descriptions of the different error codes you might see and what steps can be taken to get your ad running again.

Message:  Ad is not servable. please check Amazon.
Meaning:  This can happen for a number of reasons, but a common cause is a SKU or ASIN change on Amazon that has not been synced to Perpetua.
Solution:  Best practice is to open the corresponding campaign in Seller Central or AMS and look for a more detailed explanation. You can go to the specific ASIN in the campaign and hover over "Details" to get more information.  

Message:  Not in buybox.
Meaning:  The product being advertised is not the BuyBox winner. If you're a seller, Amazon will not run your SP ads unless you are winning the BuyBox. If you're a vendor, Amazon will not run your SP ads unless Amazon is winning the BuyBox.
Solution:  To get your ad running again, try to win the BuyBox back. Amazon determines the BuyBox winner by weighing a number of factors including price, fulfillment, order defect rate, seller rating and more.

Message:  Ineligible.
Meaning:  The advertised product is ineligible for advertising. Amazon prohibits advertising certain categories of products (e.g. "adult" products) or products which result in a loss for Amazon.
Solution:  Check the corresponding campaign in Seller Central or AMS for details on why the product is ineligible for advertising.  Simply go to the ASIN in the campaign that is showing this message and hover over the "Details" word to get a description of why the product is ineligible.  It can be a message such as: 

Review Amazon's creative acceptance policy for sponsored ads for a list of prohibited products and determine if your product is on the list.

Message:  Ad does not have decoration or buyability data.
Meaning: Your product is not currently buyable. This is usually associated with restricted categories or unapproved products. We have found another case where there are new tax requirements that need to be approved in order to sell in that country.
Solution:  Read the documentation on restricted products and categories and products requiring approval. Make sure you are following all guidelines for restricted products. If your product requires approval, then follow Amazon's instructions to request approval.

Message: Ad policing suspended.
Meaning: While some products are outright prohibited from being advertised, other products are permitted with certain restrictions. If you see this message it means that you are not adhering to those restrictions. For example, products that are specific to a religion or faith are permitted on Sponsored Brands only and the keywords selected must be strictly related to the religion associated with the product promoted, or to religion in general.
Solution: Carefully review the restricted products section of Amazon's creative acceptance policy for sponsored ads and determine if you may not be complying with these guidelines.

Message: Ad does not have an item decoration or product page
Meaning: Your seller central listing is missing images, which are required for your ad to run. Typically this results from image rejection after a feed upload.
Solution: Read Amazon's troubleshooting guide on missing product images.

Message: Server is busy: please try again later
Meaning: Your seller central/AMS account likely has payment issues.
Solution: Check your SC/AMS account and ensure that your billing information is up to date. If the issue persists, please contact Amazon.

Message: Advertiser Payment failure
Meaning: This error message likely occurred because of a previous issue with payments on Amazon's end e.g. your card may have been declined or was expired when you had initially input payment details etc.
Solution: Once the issue has been resolved on Amazon's end, the red error will disappear on Perpetua within 24h. If the issue persists, please contact Amazon.

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