Instacart is North America's top online grocery delivery platform, offering same-day delivery from over 25,000 retail stores.

Instacart Advertising, which launched in May 2020, is a self-serve advertising platform enabling brands to increase sales and gain new customers through Featured Product ads.

About Instacart Ads

Instacart offers a few advertising options, however the only self-serve offering is "Featured Product" ads. Featured products are easily distinguishable from organic listings by the "Featured" banner attached to sponsored item.

Where Ads Appear on Instacart

Search: Ads appear when a customer searches for a specific item.

Ad placements are determined by keyword bidding. Advertisers set a custom bid for individual, exact-match keywords. The greater your CPC (cost-per-click) bid price is, the greater chance your brand has at appearing top-of-search.

Non-Search: Ads appear across the Instacart platform while a customer is browsing.

There are four main locations that an ad can appear: in general department sections, on an item details page for a similar product, in the "Your Items" section for repeat buyers, and on the Home page of the Instacart platform.

Advertisers set one bid price for all non-search ad placements within a campaign or ad group. Learn more about Instacart Ad Inventory and Ad Types here.

The Benefits of Instacart Advertising

Advertising on Instacart will not only increase your potential for massive incremental sales, but will also help you gain customers that are new-to-brand and expand market share.

Capitalize on Early Mover Advantages

As Instacart advertising is still fairly new, competition on the platform is low relative to other, more-established advertising markets. Throughout the past 6 months, Perpetua has helped brands earn from 2 - 5 times the returns that are achieved on other e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.

Gain Lifetime Customers

It is estimated that after a customer's 10th purchase on Instacart, around 25% of items purchased are selected directly from the "Your Items" page of previously purchased items. This means that once you gain a new customer, the opportunity for repeat buys is quite significant.

Who can Advertise on Instacart

Instacart advertising is available to any brand selling products through an associated U.S. retailer offering delivery on the Instacart platform. This currently includes around 350 retailers across North America however advertising is only available to U.S. stores.

Instacart partners with over 300 of the most popular U.S. retailers including Albertsons, ALDI, Costco, CVS, Kroger, Loblaw, Publix, Sam's Club, Sprouts, and Wegmans. To get a better sense of how your brand is distributed across supported Instacart retailers, we recommend you reach out to Instacart directly.

Check out our article on How to Connect your Instacart account here, to get started.

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