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SBV3 vs. SBV4 Migration - What Happens to My Existing Goal?
SBV3 vs. SBV4 Migration - What Happens to My Existing Goal?

Learn more about the migration of SBV3 to SBV4 goals in Perpetua

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Amazon introduced Multi-Ad group Sponsored Brand campaigns, referred to as SBV4, in October 2022. At that time and up until today, Perpetua did not support launching SBV4 Goals; instead, you could only launch goals aligned with SBV3, known as Single-Ad Group Campaigns (User could still take over existing Amazon SBV4 Campaigns to Perpetua).

With Amazon phasing out SBV3 campaigns and requiring a transition to SBV4, Perpetua is now facilitating the launch of SBV4 goals. Nonetheless, a question emerges: What will occur with my SBV3 Goals in Perpetua?

What Stays the Same



Active Goals

Continue to operate as usual.

Existing Targets and Negative Matches

Preserved during the transition to v4 goals.

Goal Names, Budget, and ACoS

Remain the same.

Keyword Harvesting

Harvesting rules based on the original targeting type of the goal will be preserved.

Broad Match Modifier Option

The selection remains unchanged.

Campaign Appearance

Consistent in the ad console.

What Changes



Targeting Type Label

The "Targeting Type" label (e.g., "C", "CA", "U") next to goal names will no longer be visible when v3 goals transition to v4 goals.

"Ads" and "Ad Groups" Tabs

Both tabs will remain present, showing a single ad and ad group.

Launching/Editing Goals Workflow

Launch and edit your goals using the new workflow designed for SBv4 goals.
Learn more - Product Collection
Learn more - Video

Limitations on Migrated v3 Goals

Migrated v3 goals will be constrained to a single ad group and a single ad.
🚨 Advertisers cannot launch new creatives within migrated v3 goals. 🚨

Bulk Actions

Bulk goal updates will be temporarily disabled. Our team is working on restoring this feature soon.

Article last updated June 2024. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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