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Why does Perpetua create 5 line items per target market?
Why does Perpetua create 5 line items per target market?

Understand the benefits of creating 5 line items per target market

Written by Andrea Lee
Updated over a week ago

For every Target Market created, Perpetua will automatically create 5 line items for the 5 different inventory types (Amazon Owned and Operated (Mobile and Desktop), Amazon Publisher Services, Third Party Exchange, and Mobile Apps).

Reach and Visibility: It’s important that we’re staying top of mind for consumers whether they are actively shopping on Amazon or playing their mobile games or checking the weather. By having separate line items for each inventory type, we’re ensuring we have controlled distribution of resources to each.

As a reminder, Amazon utilizes a last touch attribution model that prioritizes clicks over views. Historically, we’ve seen stronger metrics for AZOO inventory because of this attribution model, however, this does not negate the importance of the off-Amazon placements (AZPS, 3P, MobileAAP) in the customer journey. By consistently exposing them to your brand, these placements contribute to sustained awareness and help build brand recognition. This, in turn, enhances brand recall when customers do engage in shopping activities on Amazon, fostering a stronger connection between your brand and potential customers.

Budget Control: Separate lines per inventory means each inventory type will have a dedicated budget to ensure impressions are still distributed across all inventory types.

Bids: To accommodate for the nuances of each inventory type, namely bids, separate line items help achieve this goal. For instance, AZOO placements are premium inventory and most relevant to users during their shopping journey, so bids will naturally be higher than 3P inventory for example.

Optimizations: Having separate lines for each inventory type allows campaign managers to have more control when refining their campaigns. For example, if 3P_DSMB lines are underperforming, campaign managers can decrease the line item budget from that line and reallocate funds to high-performing lines.

Reporting: This allows for more granular reporting and transparency when assessing performance.


Article last updated December 2023. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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