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How To Write A Strong Creative Brief
How To Write A Strong Creative Brief

This articles goes over the importance of a creative brief, and how to write a strong brief that yields high-quality content.

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Before choosing a content creator to work with on your social media campaign, it is important to write a creative brief that conveys guidelines for your content creators.

What is a creative brief?

A creative brief is a document that outlines and educates the creator on your brand, the product they’re promoting, and what your key goals and objectives are for the advertising campaign. When launching campaigns in Perpetua, your creator operations strategist will share a creative brief example which breaks down every section into detail.

How do I write a creative brief?

A strong creative brief is typically broken down into 3 main sections, and with each section, there are multiple sub-sections.

Brand Overview

Educating the creator on your brand and product through your creative brief will ensure the creator is able to create high-quality content that centres and aligns with your branding. All of the content created through the Perpetua network gives the brand ownership rights in perpetuity; that means you’re able to re-use this content on your brand’s socials, websites, and even your Amazon page. To maximize your value out of the content, it’s essential that it aligns with your brand so that you’re able to utilize it outside of the campaign, and increase its life-time value.

In this section of the creative brief, you will provide a summary of the brand, a summary of the product, and some key talking points about the product that serve as thought-starters for the creator to centre their content around.

Campaign Objectives

There’s a fine balance between educating creators and limiting creative freedom. Creators typically know their audience best so it’s important to provide as much background information as possible to allow them to tailor their content and communicate the key message that resonates with their audience. A best practice is to ensure creative briefs are more informative than prescriptive. At Perpetua, we curate a list of creators for brands to review based on brand-fit, and therefore when hiring a creator it’s important to trust them and their creative process.

Content Guidelines

Content guidelines encompass technical requirements: what the creator should avoid, caption requirements, and hashtag requirements. These generally list best practices around content and are quite general. This is also a good place to mention any legal requirements for advertising around your product.

I’ve written my brief - what’s next?

Once you have written your brief or filled out the Creative Brief template that was shared by your Strategist via Google Docs, you’re able to go into the Perpetua app and paste the link to the doc it under the “Additional Notes” section, as shown below.

You’ll be able to reference back to the brief when evaluating content drafts!

Once a goal is launched, your Creator Operations Strategist will open the goal (Campaign) to influencers for applications. In about 2-3 business days, Creators will start to populate in your Goal under the “New Creators” tab for you to evaluate and decide who you want to partner with and who best fits your brand’s criteria!

Happy brief writing 🚀

Article last updated February 13th, 2023. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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