How to Manage Brands in Search Insights

How to add, delete or customize brands in your Search Insights dashboard.

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In the Search Insights tab under "My Brands", you can view your share of voice (SOV) and organic rank for a brand.

Using the 3 drop-down menus, users can select a brand and view SOV by placement (eg. Top-of-Search, Middle-of-Search, etc.) at an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly time interval over the selected date range.

Manage Your Brands

If you'd like to add, delete, or make a brand default in the brand's drop-down menu, get started by clicking the "Manage Brands" button on the right corner of the drop-down menu.

How to Add a Brand

  1. Click the "Add Brand" button located at the top right corner of the module.

2. In the search bar, search for the brand(s) you'd like to add (this does not have to be your own brand(s), you can add any brands you'd like to see data for!). Then, select the brand in the dropdown list.

Once selected, click the "Add" button.

Then click "Done". Refresh the page and the brand should be added successfully.

How to Remove a Brand

Simply hover over the left side of the brand in the list and click the trash can icon that appears. Then click "Done". Refresh the page and the brand should be removed successfully.

How to Set a Default Brand

If you'd like to make one of the brands on the dropdown list the default brand that is displayed when you open the Search Insights dashboard, simply hover over the brand in the list and click the "Make default" button on the right side of the brand name. Then hit "Done".

Refresh the page and the default brand should be updated successfully.

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