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Benchmarker: The Performance Matrix
Benchmarker: The Performance Matrix

Learn everything you need to know about the Performance Matrix feature within the Benchmarker.

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The Performance Matrix is the newest addition to the Benchmarker's features. The purpose of the feature is to show you how your Top 10 products in Ad spend are performing each month.

The Left Bar -Top 10 Products

On the left side, you are seeing your Top 10 products by Ad Spend with the numerical order based on their Ad Spend. Meaning product number 1 in the list had the most Ad Spend for the month of the report.

If you click on the + button next to the product you will see the following formula:

Ad Spend
----------------- = ACoS (next to each metric is a % comparison to the previous month).
Ad Sales

This shows you how much Ad Spend & Ad Sales the listed ASIN had in the month of the report. Next to that there is also a % indicator on how much this increased or decreased in comparison to the previous month of the report ( e.g if the Benchmarker report is from May 2022, the Data for the Ad Spend, Ad Sales & ACoS being displayed are from May and the comparison in % next to the metric is a comparison to April, the previous month).

The Graph Bubble

You will also notice, that at the Graph Bubble each product is being shown in a different angle.

E.g ASIN number 3 is being displayed in the upper right corner of the graph (in the light red colour corner) ⬇️

What you see in the Graph Bubble

The vertical axis (y-axis) is the Ad Sales Variation and the horizontal Axis is the Ad Spend Variation.
The vertical axis shows percentages based on increased/decreased Ad Sales.
The horizontal axis shows percentages based on increased/decreased Ad Spend.

You will also notice 5 different colours ⬇️

  • Dark green: Good Performance, your Ad Sales increased despite lower Investment in to Ad Spend. Your ACoS improved.

  • Light green: Mixed Performance (more in the positive direction), higher Ad Spend lead to more Ad Sales or lower Ad Spend lead to lower Ad Sales. in the green area your ACoS improved.

  • Dark red: Poor Performance, your Ad Sales decreased despite higher investment into Ad Spend. Your ACoS increased.

  • Light red: Mixed Performance (more in the negative direction), higher Ad Spend lead to more Ad Sales or lower Ad Spend lead to lower Ad Sales. in the red area your ACoS increased.

  • Gray spot in the middle: Only Minor Fluctuations / changes in this area. This means basically Minor Changes in connection to decreased/increased Ad Sales & Ad Spend of your ASIN for the month of the report.

    The Ad Spend circle displayed is based on your highest & lowest Ad Spend from your products. The smallest circle is based on the lowest Ad Spend. The biggest circle is based on the highest Ad Spend. And this is only based on your products of the top 10, so not all (!) products. ⬇️

If you move your mouse over the selected product point in the Graph Bubble you will see more metrics for the selected ASIN ⬇️

You will further see how other metrics performed for the selected ASIN like the Conversion Rate -CVR, the Cost per Click -CPC, the Click-Through Rate -CTR and the Average Order Value -AOV.


The Performance Matrix feature gives you an informative breakdown on your ASINs performance over the last month. In this way you have a better understanding based on the data how your ASINs are performing. This might lead to conclusions on which products you want to focus and spend more.

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