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Benchmarker: The Product Analysis Section
Benchmarker: The Product Analysis Section

Everything you need to know about the Product Analysis section.

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In the Product Analysis section, you can easily identify specific products whose ads are in need of optimization and then take steps to improve the KPIs for those products.

Next to each KPI there is a circle that is either green, yellow, or red.

These colors indicate where you stand in the performance distribution relative to your peers:

  • green: you are in the top 40% = you’re doing well

  • yellow: you are in the middle 20% = there’s room for improvement

  • red: you are in the bottom 40% = you’re doing poorly.

When you hover over any of the KPI scores, a bar chart displaying the performance distribution with the same color coding will display.

This allows you to see in more detail how much room for improvement there is and what are reasonable target values for your optimization efforts.

  • The number beneath the yellow section of the bar chart is the median. In the example above, the subcategory median conversion rate (CVR) is 5.58%. That means 50% of the advertisers in this subcategory have a higher conversion rate and 50% have a lower conversion rate. Ideally, you should at least achieve this target value by optimizing your product and ads.

  • The figure on the left end of the distribution (in this example 2.8%) means 20% of the advertisers in this subcategory have a lower value than 2.8%.

  • Similarly, the figure on the right (in this example 11.6%) means 20% have a higher value than 11.6%.

  • The conversion rate (CVR) for this product’s ads is 3.61%, meaning that it is in the lowest 40% of sellers in this subcategory—there is a lot of room for improvement.

Summary: How to improve your KPIs

To start optimizing, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Use the “FILTERS” button above the far-right column to filter for products with a relevant (minimum) volume of ad spend.

Click on any of the KPIs in the first row to easily sort scores to identify high-impact opportunities for optimization.

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