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Benchmarker: The Impact Driver Analysis
Benchmarker: The Impact Driver Analysis

What are the Waterfall, Table View, and Treemap charts? Which products are gainers and losers?

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The "Impact Driver Analysis" enables you to see at a glance which products are contributing (positively and negatively) the most to your month-over-month performance changes for all their main KPIs incl. ad spend and ACoS.

The feature is a new section in the Benchmarker. You can view 3 types of charts, namely

  • Waterfall

  • Treemap

  • Product table

which will all analyze the “impact drivers”. These charts give quick intel on products that are the top winners and losers for each KPI.

In general, the Impact Driver Analysis section can help you identify top gainers and losers across all products.

The Waterfall Chart

The waterfall chart is designed to visualize top 5 gainers and top 5 losers in a single chart. It will automatically pick the top 5 gainers and losers each.

Select the impact metrics you want to track. We recommend ACoS or ad sales for starters.

What does 'Others' mean in the waterfall or treemap chart? All edge cases, outliers, new products added, or effectively smaller impact products are currently added in the "other". It includes all factors which cannot be connected to a dedicated product Month-over-Month, mostly New products, Removed products, Products with 0’s in KPIs (e.g. 0 orders, no relative value live CvR available)

Additionally: The waterfall chart weights changed by Ad Spend, which is only an approximation for a waterfall chart for relative values. There will normally be a gap. The size of the bars of the products among each other with regards to impact is correct.

The Treemap

See in the treemap view which products had a positive (gainer) or negative (loser) impact for the selected KPI in the last month.

Seek out the largest rectangular values (or the largest collected group of rectangles) and look out for significant color variations.

The Table view

See in the table view which products had a positive (gainer) or negative (loser) impact for the selected KPI in the last month. The impact number represents the contribution the product had to the overall change you observed for this KPI in the last month.

How are gainers and losers defined? Any product with a positive customer outcome is a gainer. Any product with a negative customer outcome is a loser. Logic is similar across ACoS, CTR, Ad Sales, Ad spend, CPC.

Note: A lower CPC is a gainer while a lower CVR is a loser.

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