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Explaining why there are data discrepancies between the graph and table on the Perpetua Amazon Sponsored Products goal dashboard

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When you click a Sponsored Products goal to analyse performance, you may notice that the aggregate graph data does not match up with the aggregate table data on the Perpetua dashboard.

Here is an example. When you add all of the spend values together in the table, you will discover that the sum may be greater than the total spend shown in the tile above the graph. Below is a screenshot indicating where the data is not consistent with each other. (Please note that the numbers do not represent the situation described.)

The cause of this discrepancy comes from the way our systems were designed. We rely on product data when we display the graph, whereas the data shown in the table comes from campaign data.

Each Sponsored Product goal on Perpetua contains a set of campaigns (a minimum of 3 campaigns).
In the table, the spend value displayed for a goal will be the sum of the spend on all of the campaigns. In the graph, the spend value displayed will be the sum of spend for active products only.

If a product was paused or removed, then its data will not be reflected in the number shown in the tile above the graph. The dashboard will only show you the performance of the products active today. The products that were present in a goal during the date range you've selected but are paused/removed today will not be included.

🚨Note: Clicking a goal brings you to the "goal deep dive" view. The main Sponsored Products page is referred to as the "goals list view" or "goals overview page". The data discrepancy described in this article applies to the goal deep dive view.🚨

Article last updated November 2023. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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