When you connect an Amazon Seller account to Perpetua, you will need to enter your MWS credentials in step 4 of the connection flow. The screen is pictured in the screenshot below.

Note: MWS credentials are not needed for Amazon Vendor accounts.

MWS credentials consist of your seller ID (also called a merchant token) and a unique authorization token.

If you have previously connected your Amazon Seller account to another platform, you will need to use a new set of MWS credentials because the same authorization token cannot be used for Perpetua. The authorization token is different for each platform. Click on the purple Generate Credentials button pictured above in order to get the Seller ID and Authorization Token for your account.

If you do not have access to Seller Central, you cannot generate the credentials. Someone else with admin permissions on the Seller Central account will have to do it. Below are the instructions.

How to get MWS credentials

  1. Go to one of the following links. Choose the link based on the region of your seller account.

    1. North America (US, Canada, Mexico)

      1. https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/mws/registration/register.html?appDevMWSAccountId=7058-1687-6370&applicationName=Perpetua

    2. Europe (this includes UAE/Saudi Arabia and India)

      1. https://sellercentral.amazon.co.uk/gp/mws/registration/register.html?appDevMWSAccountId=0458-8391-5846&applicationName=Perpetua

      2. Asia-Pacific/Far East (Australia, Japan)

        1. Japan (In Japanese): https://sellercentral.amazon.co.jp/gp/mws/registration/register.html?appDevMWSAccountId=7522-0829-5392&applicationName=Perpetua

        2. Australia (In English): https://sellercentral.amazon.com.au/gp/mws/registration/register.html?appDevMWSAccountId=7522-0829-5392&applicationName=Perpetua

  2. Follow the prompts. When all steps have been completed on Amazon, your seller ID and authorization token will be displayed on the screen shown below.

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Article last updated March 2022. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact hello@perpetua.io.

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