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How to view your sales analytics on Perpetua if you have an Amazon Vendor account

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Perpetua's Sales Analytics allows you to combine sales data from Vendor Central — Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA) — with your advertising data to estimate organic sales and measure the impact of Amazon Advertising on total sales.

In the past, Perpetua users with Vendor accounts had to upload a sales diagnostic report (.csv) from ARA to view their Sales data. This data will now be automatically loaded onto the Perpetua dashboard for easy viewing. Users only need to sign in to their Vendor Central account through our app.

How to View Vendor Sales Analytics

To auto-load your vendor sales data to Perpetua, you must be the Account Owner/admin on Vendor Central (VC).

  1. Go to the Sales tab on the menu and click Authenticate with Vendor Central on the banner.

  2. This will take you to the Amazon login page. Please note that you must be the account owner on VC for this to work.

  3. Once you've logged in, click Confirm.

    The “Brand Analytics” line item in the authorization screen must be present for our vendor sales ingestion process to work properly.

  4. Once you click Confirm, you will see the screen below.

  5. 🎉 The data will now load on the Perpetua dashboard.

Last Updated: September 2021

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