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Inventory and Ad Types for Target

Search results, category, and product detail page placements for Sponsored Product Ads on Target and what they look like

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There are a number of different ad units that can appear on however the only self-serve ad unit currently offered is Sponsored Product Ads.

There are three placements for Sponsored Product Ads on Target:


Sponsored Product Ads appear within specific placements when a customer searches for a specific keyword on

Ads appear in the 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th placements on each search results page:

Category Pages

Featured Product ads can also appear within Category pages in Target. These ads appear very similar to the search results page, and serve in the 3rd, 6th, 9th, or 12th placements.

Sponsored Product Ads for Search and Category pages appear very similar to organic listings on Target with the only difference being a small 'Sponsored' tag in the bottom right corner of the ad.

Product Detail Pages

The third placement for Sponsored Products ads is in a a Featured carousel on the product detail pages of related items. This carousel appears below other sections such as "More to consider" and "Similar Items" which are generated by Target's algorithm organically.

Managed Ad Units

Target Display Ads

In addition to Sponsored Product ads, Target also serves Display ads however there is no self-serve option for this ad unit. Display ads appear on various locations including on the Search Results page, Category pages, and Product Detail Pages.

The minimum investment requirement for display advertising is significant and Perpetua does not currently support this offering. Please reach out if you have additional questions.

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