When launching a goal, our software launches a campaign (or set of campaigns for a sponsored products goal) with a default naming convention: Goal - Perpetua - Ad type - Campaign type - version - unique identifier

Example. Banana Bag Drink - Perpetua - SP - Auto - v1 - qc3onu9g

How do I remove Perpetua from the default naming convention?

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Click Campaign Naming from the tabs on the left.

  3. Enter a custom name to replace "Perpetua" with in the box, and click Save Changes.

Please note that this will only change the names for new campaigns moving forward.

How to change the name of existing campaigns

You can make changes to Perpetua campaigns in bulk using our Bulk Operations for Goals feature. You cannot change the name of campaigns through the app itself.

Or, you can make the change directly within campaign manager on Amazon.

Click into the campaign, then click Campaign settings on the left side panel.

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