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Can I Change My Campaign Names?
Can I Change My Campaign Names?

Breaking down the naming convention of our Sponsored ad campaigns and how to change the names of your new and existing campaigns in Perpetua

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Campaign Name Structure

When launching a goal, our software launches a campaign (or set of campaigns for a Sponsored Products goal) with a default naming convention:

"Goal Name - Perpetua - Ad type - Campaign type - version - unique identifier"

"Banana Bag Drink - Perpetua - SP - Auto - v1 - qc3onu9g"

  • Banana Bag Drink: is the goal name you entered in the system.

  • Perpetua: is the default tag assigned by the system.

  • SP: corresponds to the "Sponsored Products" goal.

  • Auto: refers to the campaign type.

  • v1: is the version

  • qc3onu9g = is the unique identifier for this campaign.

How Do I Remove The "Perpetua" Tag From The Default Naming Convention?

  1. Go to the "Account Settings" of your account, and select the "Campaign Settings" tab.

  2. Enter a custom name to replace "Perpetua" within the box, and click Save Changes.

🚨Note: this will only change the names for new campaigns moving forward.🚨

Changing The Name Of Existing Campaigns

Campaign names cannot be changed in Perpetua.
You can only change the goal name by editing the goal directly in the app or by using our Bulk Operations tool, however, this will not imply that the name of your campaigns will change accordingly.

🚨Note: If you edit the campaign name on the Amazon Ad Console, Perpetua will override it. 🚨

Article last updated November 2023. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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