ASIN Products Belonging to More Than One Goal
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Products Belonging to a Classic Goal vs. Custom Goal

1️⃣ Classic Goal
Perpetua restricts an ASIN Product from being included in more than one Sponsored Product goal concurrently for Classic Goals (Multi-Campaigns). Should you wish to add or transfer your ASIN from one goal to another, please refer to the instructions provided here.

2️⃣ Custom Goal

However, with Perpetua's Custom Goals (Single Campaign), your ASIN Products have the flexibility to belong to multiple goals. Discover more information on this feature here. The same ASIN can be in multiple custom goals OR multiple custom goals and 1 Classic goal.

Keywords Shared in Multiple Goals

Generally, if there is an overlap in targets between two campaigns, advertisers might see that the campaigns would "compete" with each other, and so conversions for one of the campaigns may go down.

Amazon will favour the better-performing campaign over the other.

  • If you run two campaigns in the same account, Amazon “randomly” enters one of the campaigns into the auction. Whenever one of your competing campaigns bids higher than the other, it will win the auction, potentially causing your other campaign to get no data.

  • If you run 2 campaigns on two different accounts, they compete and drive CPC up (eg. If you run an SB campaign on both a seller and vendor account for the same account, they can bid against each other).

If you'd like to add/move your ASIN from one goal to another, you can follow the instructions here.

🚨Note: If your Sponsored Products goal is only advertising one ASIN, deleting the ASIN will also delete the goal in Perpetua.🚨

Article last updated February 2024. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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