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Best Practices For Product Detail Pages
Best Practices For Product Detail Pages

How do I make my product listing on Amazon perform better?

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One of the best ways to remain competitive in a growing marketplace is to have an effective product page.

Think of a Product Detail Page (PDP) as the packaging for your product. In the same way, you'd never sell a product in wrinkly plastic or plain cardboard, you wouldn't want to show a product on Amazon with a poorly designed PDP.

Amazon is very shopper-focused and will display results that best match the purchaser's search, meaning that the most relevant products will show first.

A few factors that play a key role in the ranking of your product listing include text match relevancy, content, images and reviews.

Top listings all share a few common elements. What are some guidelines to follow when it comes to creating a product detail page that will increase traffic and convert to a sale? How can you make the PDP work for you?

General Guidelines

1️⃣ Match your product title and description to include commonly searched terms in order of relevance

Mention your brand name and most important keywords first.

💡PRO TIP: A good length is generally around 150 characters. Avoid using a/and/the. 💡

🚨Note: Amazon generally has a 200-character limit including spaces. 🚨

2️⃣ Use 5 bullet points in your product description to focus on product highlights

This is your sales pitch and you want it to read easily.

💡PRO TIPs: Mention benefits before features to convince the consumer why your product can help them. How can you make their lives easier? Why should they buy your product instead of a competitor's? If appropriate, mention product compatibility.💡

Mention updates - if any - to show that you value feedback. Do you offer a warranty?

Personalize the description to your target audience.

For more info on how to write effective bullet points, click here.

3️⃣ Use numerals

Eg. 6 instead of six

4️⃣ 5-8 high-quality images

Use close-ups and lifestyle images to demonstrate functionality. Add an infographic to give shoppers an easy-to-understand overview of your product.

💡PRO TIP: Fun fact - 6 is a sweet spot and white backgrounds + good lighting are a huge plus!💡

5️⃣ Go beyond good reviews and ratings

Create an incredible customer experience by engaging with your customers in the Q&A section and mitigating negative feedback.

​💡PRO TIP: Use Amazon's Reviewer program to accumulate more reviews.💡

Of course, each product listing will be slightly different and every point may not apply to you, but the points listed here are a great place to get started.

Things to Avoid

Amazon has policies, agreements and guidelines when it comes to creating a product listing that can be viewed in your Seller Central. Here are a few major no-no's to be aware of:

  • Going overboard with your product description; overhyping your product can lead to disappointment and negative reviews - keep it short and sweet

  • This might be tempting, but do not use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS and exclamation marks/other punctuation in your bullets!!!!!!!

  • Adding promotional, contact or time-sensitive info in your bullets - don't include subjective commentary such as "Best Seller", "Sale", or "Hot Item". Amazon actually has product detail page rules that prohibit this; for more details, view Amazon's Policies, agreements and guidelines on Seller Central

  • Don't request positive reviews or include testimonials/quotes

Here is one example of a good product listing:

For a more in-depth guide to Amazon product listings, click here.

Article last updated December 2023. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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