Sponsored Brands Video Recommendations

Perpetua's recommendations for a successful Sponsored Brands video campaign.

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We recommend a short video which catches, and keeps, the shopper's attention therefore, around 15-30 seconds.  We also recommend displaying the product in the first 2-5 seconds, and if possible, show the product in use.

Keep in mind that people are scrolling through the search results so you need to provide finger-stopping👆🏼, eye-catching 👀content.  The shopper can quickly + easily navigate away from the SBv if it doesn't catch their attention, unlike an "in-stream" video ad, where the consumer is forced to watch the entire video before moving on to the content he or she has requested.

Remember that the audio is muted by default and we've heard from Amazon that shoppers seldom unmute so make sure you do not rely on the audio track to get your message across.

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