Whenever an Instacart campaign exhausts its daily budget before the end of the day, you will receive an email notification from Instacart. The subject line for these emails is "Campaigns Budget Optimization Alert". See example below:

Campaigns shutting off before the end of the day is not optimal as you risk losing out on many key impressions during peak shopping hours (which usually occur in the evening).

To prevent your campaigns from running out of budget, increase your daily budgets directly within your Perpetua Goal.

Note: You'll know which goal the alert applies to by following Perpetua's goal naming guideline below:

  • Branded campaign: "Goal Name - Perpetua - INSTACART - Branded Instacart_manual"
  • Unbranded / Category campaign: "Goal Name - Perpetua - INSTACART - Instacart_manual"
  • Competitor campaign: "Goal Name - Perpetua - INSTACART - Competitor Instacart_manual"

If you don't have room to increase budget, you can alternatively try increasing your Target ROAS. This will decrease bids across the board for your campaign.

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