There are three types of accounts on Perpetua:

  • Subscriptions
  • User accounts
  • Advertising accounts


If you no longer want the Perpetua software to manage your sponsored ads, you can cancel your subscription at any time by visiting the billing page or by contacting support via chat or by emailing At the time of cancellation you may be billed for any outstanding metered billing charges (% of ad spend) depending on your plan after which point you will not be billed again unless you decide to re-subscribe in the future. When you cancel your subscription, your account is not deleted but all of your Perpetua goals will be paused, optimization will halt, and you will be unable to access the Perpetua apps until you re-subscribe.

User Accounts

When you first signed up for Perpetua, you would have created a user account with an email address and a password. User accounts may own or manage multiple advertising accounts. Canceling your subscription does not delete your user account. If you would like to delete your user account, please email your request to Note that if you delete your user account you will lose access to all connected advertising accounts as well as your activity history in Perpetua.

Advertising Accounts

As a user of Perpetua you may have created or been invited to manage one or more advertising accounts. Advertising accounts are connected and synced to Amazon advertising accounts (seller or vendor) via Amazon's APIs. The user who first connects an advertising account to Amazon is considered that account's owner unless a transfer of ownership has been performed. The owner of an account may request that an advertising account be deleted by sending an email to Note that by deleting an advertising account, all historical performance data and advertising history will be lost and this action cannot be undone. As such, we do not recommend this action. Amazon itself only provides access to 90 days of historical performance at the keyword level.

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