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Note: This feature is currently only available for Amazon accounts in the US upon request. To gain access, please reach out to your Data Strategist or our Support team for more information.

Perpetua's External Search tool gives you the ability to launch and optimize External Search ads with just a few clicks. If a shopper clicks on these ads, they'll be taken to an Amazon storefront or product details page. Depending on how you configure your goal, these ads can appear across various locations, including:

  • Google search results

  • Bing search results

  • Reviewed.com and Productpicks.org product placements (these will be automatically created upon goal launch)

Launching an External Search Goal

  1. Click on the External Search tab in your left sidebar.

  2. Under the Goals section on this page, click the New Goal button to get started. Note: The "Opportunities" section highlights top-performing ASINs from your Sponsored Products goals that you can consider advertising through External Search. More information available in the FAQ section below.

  3. On the following page, select the desired product you want to advertise by marking off the circle beside it. If you don't see your product, use the search field or scroll through the list to find it.

  4. In the box on the right, give your goal a name. Next, select the placement(s) where you want your ad to appear by marking off the circle beside it and enter the target ROAS and daily budget for each one.

    1. Note: The product placements on Reviewed.com and Productpicks.org will be created automatically through Google and Bing. Daily budgets must be a minimum of $20 USD per ad placement.

  5. Once all of your details are entered, you'll see the total management fee listed below. There will also be a confirmation box you'll need to mark off to confirm the associated fees and corresponding billing. To complete the process, press the launch goal button. After your goal is launched, you'll see its details appear in the table under the Goals tab. Each placement you selected will be its own line and with the placement added to your goal name (see screenshot below).

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my ads appear after I've launched my goal?

  • You should see your ads appear within 7 days after launching the goal in Perpetua.

Do I need to connect any additional accounts to have access to this tool?

  • No. Apart from the Seller or Vendor Amazon account you initially connected with Perpetua, there is no additional account connection required. All of your External Search ads will be managed through Perpetua's Google account.

How will I be charged for this?

  • The associated fees will be listed as a separate line items on your invoice ($10 per ASIN + 10% of sales). You will only be charged once the ads are live. This information can be viewed by navigating to your account settings and the Billing tab within. More information on billing and invoices is available in this article.

What is the "Opportunities" tab showing me?

  • This section highlights top-performing ASINs from your Amazon Sponsored Products goals. Using the last 30 days of historical performance data from the product, our engine will provide you with target ROAS and daily budget recommendations. You can then create a new goal with that product directly from this tab and apply those recommendations by pressing configure goal. This will open the configuration box in a new pop-up and allow you to set up your goal name, target ROAS, budget, and then launch the goal.

Can I take over any existing campaigns?

  • No. This is not currently supported.

Article last updated December 2022. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact hello@perpetua.io.

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