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What are Yahoo Deals?

What do Yahoo Deals articles look like?

What are the benefits of advertising with Yahoo Deals?

How do I get started?


What are Yahoo Deals?

Perpetua's Content Network now allows you to advertise your products through Yahoo Deals. Your products will be featured in one of Yahoo's articles that are solely purposed to push deals and promotions for your products. Although running a promotion is not a strict requirement to get started with Yahoo Deals, it's definitely a useful technique to get some more awareness and traffic for your brand and products.

What do Yahoo Deals articles look like?

Yahoo Deals articles are published primarily on Yahoo with some products being published on Yahoo's partner sites.

Here is an example article about gifts for dog dads.

And another example article about educational toys.

What are the benefits of advertising with Yahoo Deals?

Yahoo Deals allow you to drive high intent shoppers to your Amazon listing. By promoting current sales or deals that are currently active on your products, you can easily attract new customers who are looking to pick up the hottest products at the best prices. Running a deal or a promotion isn't a requirement for Yahoo Deals though. You can freely submit ASINs for Yahoo Deals to get an extra little sales push as well.

How do I get started?

The first time you go to the Editorials tab on the menu within the Perpetua app, you will be required to request access to the editorials page. There is no cost incurred at this step.

Not yet a customer? Send us a message through chat on to get started.


What are the requirements to advertise with Yahoo Deals?

The requirements we have in place are to ensure that optimal results are obtained when advertising with Yahoo Deals. Advertising this way is best for products that are already performing strongly and can benefit from additional advertising streams.

Must-have ASIN requirements:

  • 4+ star rating

  • 100+ ratings or reviews

  • $20,000+ in monthly sales

  • ASIN must be organically ranked on the first page for at least one keyword

Which regions are Yahoo Deals available in?

Yahoo Deals are currently only available for the US marketplace on Amazon.

What options do I have when signing up for Yahoo Deals?

You may choose which products and can submit up to three keywords per product to give the publishers an idea of which keywords you would like in the title of the article.

Who owns the content?

The content is owned by the publishers of the article. Publishers have full control over the content included in the article but will write about products in a positive tone to help influence sales.

How will I know when my articles are live?

Your dedicated data strategist will reach out to you when you product article goes live. You will be provided with a link to the article.

How long does it take to produce this content?

Content is usually live in 7-10 days.

How long does my article stay active?

Yahoo Deals articles are typically live for about 7-14 days.

Is there an additional cost for this service?

Yes, there will be an additional cost. Please email your data strategist or send us a message through chat support to determine available pricing options.

Article last updated September 6th, 2022. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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