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➡️ How to create your own Goal
➡️ Track the Performance of your Goals

How to create your own Goal 🚀

Log into your Account and click DSP under the section Full Funnel. Then click on "New Goal" in order to create your first DSP Goal. ⬇️

From here, on the left side you can select an ASIN(s) from your products (or use the Bulk ASIN add button).
On the right side you will see the Tab "Configurations" where you can set the DSP Goal Name | Objective | KPI | Total Budget. ⬇️

If you click on "Additional Settings" you are able to configure your Budget, add up to 12 flights and edit your Bidding Strategy. Flights are basically a time period where you want the campaign to run. ⬇️

Once you clicked Save Changes and you have edited your Campaign Settings scroll down to "Target Markets" and click the button +Add.

Here you can Add a Target Market from the 11 available options we have provided, including Cross Sell, Retention, Retargeting, Competitor Conquesting and much more! ⬇️

After choosing an option and clicking on Continue you are able to edit your option further by setting customized conditions for your chosen strategy ⬇️

Next, click Add Target Market and proceed to the third step: Building your Creatives. You can choose the creative type you'd like to add to this goal and click at continue. ⬇️

Set your Responsive Ecommerce Settings in the next step. This includes the Format, Content, Products and Name of the Creative. ⬇️

Finally in the last step you finish building your Creatives with additional settings (the Third Party Seller toggle is essential for sellers) and click "Finish". ⬇️

You are done! You have created your own automated DSP Campaign! 🥳

In the final step, Line Item Preview, you can have an overlook of your DSP order and make any final edits. If you hover over each line with your mouse, you have the option to fully customize! ⬇️ 👀

Track the Performance of your Goals 🔎

So your DSP Campaign is live, congratulations! Now, the next step for us is to ensure that your campaign is performing well. To get a better understanding of performance, you can assess the metrics available in the Perpetua App.

There are 2 ways to track the performance of your DSP Campaigns. The first one is if you navigate directly in the DSP feature. The second option is to navigate to the Sales feature.

The default setting on the DSP reporting dashboard shows the following metrics: Attributed Sales, Spend, ROAS and Purchases. Beyond these metrics, you have access to other metrics that are also helpful in evaluating the success of your campaign.

To access these metrics, simply click X on any of the default metrics currently displayed, hit Add Metric to access the following data points and click the + button to add them on the dashboard:

Evaluating DSP Campaign Overall

To compare base metrics like attributed sales, spend and ACOS with your other advertising channels, go to Account Overview and quickly glance at how your DSP campaign is performing compared to sponsored products, sponsored brands and sponsored display.

In Perpetua's Sales tab feature, we're able to see attributed sales and organic sales on the same dashboard. This is very helpful because when you run your DSP campaign, you want to make sure you're not cannibalizing your organic sales. The way to check this is by looking at your total ACOS, which takes into account organic sales and ensuring that your sales growth is showing an incremental increase.

In this feature, we can also see all the sales channel for your account: Total Attributed Sales, Organic Sales, Sponsored Sales and DSP Sales. This allows us to compare returns from various sales channels

Perpetua's reporting dashboard is robust in nature and has a solid degree of data granularity. These metrics allow us to visibly see campaign performance in real time so that you're not left in the dark while your ad dollars are being spent. If you have any more questions regarding your DSP campaign's performance, don't hesitate to reach out to your account manager.

If you want to analyze the performance of your DSP Campaigns make sure to check out our article about all the relevant DSP metrics.

You can also have a look at your Blog post regarding our DSP Optimization feature and everything you need to know! 📖

Article last updated July 2022. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact hello@perpetua.io.

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