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How to Get Access

How to launch an Influencers goal
How to Pick an Influencer

What happens after I launch a goal?

Note: This feature is currently available in the US, Canada, UK, and Germany only.


If you are an existing Perpetua user, you are probably used to starting advertising campaigns by launching goals through our app. We are expanding our offering to social media! Our platform now offers advertisers the opportunity to access a network of over 100, 000 influencers across TikTok and Instagram to further promote products sold on Amazon. This means more awareness, sales and a boost in organic rank!

By launching an influencers goal on Perpetua, users can connect with the right people without extensive networking. You can choose the social media content creators (ie. influencers) that you want to work with and easily find the perfect persona to represent your brand. These influencers have large followings and their videos will direct potential shoppers to your Amazon product listing. You can then track performance of these advertising campaigns on Perpetua to measure the impact that social media had on sales. If you also use Perpetua to run advertisements on Amazon, Walmart or Instacart, you now have the added benefit of viewing performance data consolidated in our app.

For US sellers with brand registry, you also take advantage of Amazon's BRB Program. The Brand Referral Bonus Program allows sellers to earn bonuses from traffic driven to Amazon as a reward for their non-Amazon marketing efforts.

The Perpetua Influencers dashboard will look similar to our existing dashboard: 4 metric tiles on top, a graph, and a table. It can be accessed through the Influencers tab available on the menu. Since this is a premium feature, it will cost $500 USD per month with a 3 month commitment to get access.

How to Get Access

  1. Click Get started on the Influencer tab

  2. Someone will be in touch to either give you a demo or connect you with an account manager right away so you can get started!

How to launch an Influencers goal

  1. Click on Influencers in the side menu.

  2. Click New Goal.

  3. 🔘 Select the Amazon product that you want to advertise.

  4. Scroll down. Complete the Creative Brief form by answering the questions. You can select an existing video template, upload your own, or clearly explain video requirements. Depending on your selection the questions will be different.

    1. If you selected an existing template, a section will appear for you to give the influencer instructions to best present the product. Specify any preferred styles or actions. Decide on the messaging and list out everything that you want included in the script.

    2. For Additional Notes, you can add any other details related to the video if you selected a template or include all video-specific details if you haven't. List out specifications such as video aspect ratios, soundtracks, or video length. You may also want to include that you want close-ups of the product, or subtitles. You can also use this space to describe anything that should not be in the video. Perhaps you do not want the influencer to mention competitor products. Also consider providing caption details, which can be a short sentence that highlights the main talking points from the audio. You can also add a bit of flair and personality, or hop on some popular trends or lingo.

    3. List out some related topics under #Hashtags. Hashtags help the video become discoverable when viewers search for content by topic.

    4. List out some accounts under @Mentions. This should include the handle for your brand to help interested viewers click through to your brand's profile page right away.

  5. On the right side configuration panel, complete the following fields.

    1. Pick the social platform using the drop-down menu. (E.g. Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat, Facebook)

    2. Enter your Goal Name.

    3. Enter your budget.

    4. Enter the Amazon search term.

    5. Add the number of influencers that you want to promote the product.

  6. Click Launch Goal.

What happens after I launch a goal?

  1. In 2 business days, your selection of influencers will be listed on the app under Interested Influencers after you click the goal.

  2. Users can then approve or reject creators on the list.

  3. Once creators are approved, they are paid a 1 time fee for the video they create. They are also reimbursed for the product that they have purchased.

    1. Payment to influencers is done by Perpetua. We pay the influencers and then we invoice you.

  4. Creators buy the product and make a video.

    1. Our team ensures that the video meets the guidelines you specified in the Creative Brief form that was completed when the goal was launched.

    2. This process can take up to two weeks.

  5. Once the influencer posts the video, you will be able to see sales, clicks, and conversions by influencer for that campaign on the dashboard. We use Amazon Attribution links to track sales and report them within Perpetua.

How to Pick an Influencer

  • When choosing an influencer, make sure that their following matches your audience. Their background should be appropriate for your brand

  • Influencers are experts at content creation. They have a personality of their own and know how to interact with their audience best. You might get the best value from giving them creative freedom to showcase their strengths

  • Those with a large following are generally more expensive to hire - a celebrity will cost way more than a micro-influencer!

  • If there is a specific video that makes you pick an influencer, send that video to your Account manager so they can guide the influencer to produce the content you like

Article last updated November 2022. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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