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How to manage custom terms in Search Insights
How to manage custom terms in Search Insights

A step-by-step guide on how to add/remove/change/increase your custom terms in Perpetua Search Insights

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How to add custom terms

If you have access to Search Insights, then you have 25 custom terms included in your package so you can see data for search terms outside of the Top 100,000 terms (or "global set").

If you would like to increase your custom terms quota by adding an additional set of 25 custom terms, you would follow the same steps. Please note that this would cost you an extra $50 USD monthly.

Here is how to add the custom terms of your choice.

  1. Click on Search Insights on the menu.

  2. Click All Search Terms.

  3. Click Track Additional Search Terms underneath the search bar.

  4. A pop-up will appear. Click Start to complete the form.

  5. Enter each new word on a new line by clicking shift + enter on your keyboard.

  6. Click Submit once you have added 25 terms. If you would like more than 25 terms, please enter more than 25. A team member will reach out to confirm that you would like to proceed with increasing the custom terms quota or increase the "tracking capacity". You will need to pay an extra $50 USD for each additional set of 25 custom terms. This will be added to your billing plan. If you accidentally add more than 25, don't worry! We will always reach out to confirm whether this was intended.

  7. Done! 🎉 Your new terms will be searchable after 24-48h.

Please note that if you add less than 25 custom terms, you will not be able see how many custom terms you have remaining on our platform at this time. You will need to reach out to us through chat support to find out how many terms you have left until you need to pay another $50.

How to remove custom terms

To delete your custom terms, please send us a message through our in-app chat support messenger.

If you wish to remove all terms and cancel your Search Insights subscription (ie. stop all payments moving forward), please proceed to this page instead.

How to replace custom terms

To swap out your custom terms for new ones, please send us a message through our in-app chat support messenger to let us know that you would like to replace the terms you are currently tracking.

Article last updated November 2022. If you find this information to be out of date, please contact

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